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Specializing in all your talent needs, no matter how big or small.

Whether you're looking for outside help to build everything talent, or simply need a helping hand in certain areas- we at Sawtooth Talent Partners are happy to assist you with your talent needs. A few examples of our services would include:

Full Cycle

Are you looking for a turn key solution for all your hiring needs? Are you looking for someone to build up your recruiting function, and to kickstart your hiring efforts before handing them off? Do you need someone to step in as an interim Head of Talent? We're here for you. This type of service would typically be conducted under a retainer, which includes a flat fee alongside an additional fee (traditionally per hire made) depending on your needs .


Do you strictly need help with getting candidates in the door to close your open roles? We're happy to help! This arrangement is typically conducted under a contingency agreement, with payment only made per hire at a fixed percentage rate.

Project Based Work

Do you or your team need help for a specific project? We will gladly assist you wherever help is needed. This can be focused efforts on a particular part of the funnel (sourcing for example), coordination, managing operational projects so your recruiters can focus on outreach and candidate engagement, or anywhere else we can make an impact. Most of the time this would be conducted under an hourly arrangement.

If you don't see an example that suits your needs please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be more than happy to discuss all things talent and explore if we can be of help!

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About Us


Named after the majestic mountain range in central Idaho, Sawtooth Talent Partners brings over a decade of experience in assisting venture-backed technology companies with their talent needs. We believe in fully understanding a company's services, market, and culture-- while implementing staffing methodologies that can withstand rapidly changing environments and yield consistent results. Our years working directly inside Silicon Valley tech startups lends us a thoughtful and creative yet methodical approach. It also ensures an absence of cultural gaps in work styles and communication.

While we can fill positions across any of your business units or run a smooth recruiting process for you, we also understand how to strategically partner with hiring teams. We paint a clear picture of the talent landscape, communicate ahead of pain points becoming roadblocks, and provide insights on what paths are available to successfully fill your company's needs.

The care we take with our process extends to the candidate relationships we build on your behalf. We take the honor of representing your company seriously, and seek to leave positive and lasting impressions on everyone who considers your opportunities. We tailor our outreach and subsequent conversations around each individual team in order to tell a story that truly represents your vision.

We are dedicated to putting our partners first, and you'll find that we're highly available and responsive around the clock. ​

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About the Founders

Jason Chung & JC Kulm

Image by Joonyeop Baek

We both started our recruiting careers with agencies that partnered exclusively with venture-backed, Bay Area tech startups. Together we have agency experience working across all search models- from surgically filling positions, to thoroughly fulfilling projects, to integrating directly with teams on retainer and functioning as in-house recruiters. We've worked on the agency side with founding and early stage teams looking to spin up recruiting organizations, as well as companies desiring or undergoing explosive growth.

We leveraged the knowledge and skills we built on the agency side to jump into corporate recruiting, and quickly helped scale multiple tech startups from within. This experience again ranged from helping early stage startups build recruiting functions as heads of talent (including growth from 50-100+ employees), to assisting in names such as Coinbase and Uber successfully undertake hypergrowth (70-700+ employees and 8,000-12,000+ employees).

Our experience ranges across hiring for a wide variety of domains- for tech as well as non-tech positions, and everything inbetween. These positions include Design, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, People Operations (including recruiting for Recruiters), Product, and Sales. We are comfortable tackling unique challenges of all varieties. 

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Connect With Us

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JC Kulm - Co-Founder


Jason Chung - Advisor/Co-Founder


Tucker Barker - COO

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